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Passing On the Passion
Christina has been an educator of dance for 18 years. She prides herself on leading a class and workshop that is current, focused on building a strong technical foundation, and connects musicality to storytelling in an environment that encourages budding young dancers and professionals alike. Dancers will learn to appreciate where they are now and inspire each artist to take ownership of their artistry, musicality, stage presence, and greatness. In addition to teaching master classes in Musical Theatre, Modern, and Contemporary at various studios and conventions throughout the country, she has been a guest teacher at Broadway Dance Center, Think Tank NYC, Pennsylvania Thespians' Conference, Boston Ballet, The Ailey Extension, Dance Masters of New England, University of New Hampshire, University of Nebraska, Dean College, NH Youth Dance Festival, and New York City's Stage Door Connections.

Class Descriptions


This class focuses on storytelling through musicality and style. The goal is to give dancers the tools to embody a character with in the context of a musical. Contemporary musical theatre no longer is just theatre jazz; it is a fusion of multiple genres of dance and requires performers to be versatile. In this class we will work to explore a variety of styles. The center warm-up and across the floor exercises encourage dancers to explore their physical acting skills. Dancers are encouraged to take risks with an emphasis on stage presence and performance quality.


Dancers are given the tools to find inspiration for movement in all places. Through various exercises such as manipulating steps and shapes into phrases, exploring ways to create a piece out of a short 8 count phrase. This class is built to  truly embrace the dancers' individual voices as creatives. 



Into to the Business of Dance


This class provides dancers with an opportunity to discover their path from the studio to a professional career in the performing arts. Including a seminar on how to properly prepare for an audition, what to expect, other career paths in the arts beyond performing, and discussing what you can be done now to get a jump start. Dancers  learn a center combination, divide into small groups, and get a realistic audition experience along with constructive feedback.


Grounded in release technique, this class challenges dancers to rethink how movement is initiated. They will gain the skills to use their body weight and momentum to increase their range of motion. Moving sequentially through weight shifts, the class exercises invite dancers to shift their approach to choreography by utilizing physics rather than muscular support. Movement phrases focus on leading with initiation points and dancing “off kilter” which in turn strengthens a dancer’s proprioception.



During this workshop, dancers get an introduction to the magic of creating dance for camera. Opening with simple creative tasks which then progress to creating a short dance film collaboratively; dancers will leave class inspired to play and observe the world differently through the lens of a camera. 


"Christina came to our studio full of incredible energy and passion. Our students were instantly engaged in her teaching style. Our dancers loved her very technique based warm up. They were focused and pushed to truly work their core and work on their stamina. Christina has a way of inspiring and drawing out a new way of movement.  Her progressions were musical theatre based and so so fun. Her choreography was filled with musicality and technique. I loved Christina’s approach to her contemporary musical theatre class. She is such an incredibly talented mover, teacher and Choreographer. Her professionalism and personality was beyond refreshing. She applauded the dancers individuality and strengths and made them all feel inspired. I was so thrilled and impressed by her workshop and would hire her back in an instant!"-

Stephanie of DNE School of Dance, N.Chelmsford, MA

We love Christina!!! She is a wonderful Master Faculty member at our studio. She is an incredible dancer and an even better person. Your students will thoroughly enjoy any time spent with her.

Jennifer DeFelice. Studio Owner. Broadway Bound Performing Arts. Merrimack, NH

She’s amazing and my students ask for her year after year at our intensive.

Kelly Chadwick. Studio Owner of Elevate Dance. Rowley, MA

Check out Christina's article written for Impact Dance Adjudicator's blog on how to properly categorize your modern, lyrical, and contemporary dances for competition.


Be sure to pick up your copy of "Broadway Swings", a book that gives outsiders an in depth look at what it takes to be a swing in musical theatre featuring interviews with Broadway's brightest choreographers, directors, and performers. Christina is proud to be one of many performers who were interviewed for this fantastic book!


Take a listen to Christina's episode of "Dance Like Everyone's Watching" where she discusses the importance of finding inspiration everywhere and how to stay hungry for more knowledge and creativity. 

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